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You’ve heard the old saying that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Never could that be truer than when applied to our current digital marketing landscape. Marketers are regularly asked to spend big dollars to reach consumers in the digital space on blind faith. Maybe your agency does that now for clients because you assume there is no better option. At AcquireWeb, we believe transparency is not only possible when it comes to creating audiences for digital ad spends, but that it should be expected.

“Marketers keep being asked to compromise,” says AcquireWeb President and CEO Albert Gadbut. “If you buy a list, your data partner should be able to tell you who you bought media against. If they can’t, how are you supposed to optimize? You are left in a broadcast mode in a digital world, which doesn’t make sense.”

When AcquireWeb creates an audience, we stand behind it from creation to execution to deterministic attribution. With so many people focused on clicks per thousand as the benchmark for digital marketing success, it seems that buys get swept under the rug. The truth is that nothing matters more than purchases when it comes to proving the effectiveness of digital campaigns.

“If you didn’t sell anything with your campaign, you didn’t help yourself,” says Gadbut. “If your vendor or data partner won’t be transparent about who was marketed to and follow it through to attribution, it might be time to find a data partner who is capable of doing exactly that.”

Particularly if you are marketing to people with whom you already have an existing CRM relationship, you should be able to know their email address. Where AcquireWeb goes beyond other competitors in the marketplace is in our ability to create an audience of non-CRM customers, consumers who aren’t your cheerleaders and highest value customers but who, as members of the silent majority, are motivated to buy, and tell you who we sent your marketing messages to. At any point during the campaign or after, you can compare that audience with your sales data and see exactly who you reached and hopefully, what they bought.

That kind of transparency enables valid conclusions to be drawn about a digital campaign’s ROI; it also empowers marketers and their agency partners to make adjustments to campaigns while they are running to improve effectiveness and drive more sales.

At AcquireWeb, we think it’s high time for transparency in digital advertising efforts so that marketers can understand where their dollars are being spent, who they are really marketing to, and whether or not those targets are transacting. With that kind of information in hand, smart marketers can rule the digital world.

What do you expect from your digital campaigns? Have you ever enjoyed this kind of transparency with your digital marketing efforts? How would it impact the way you strategize, design and execute campaigns for your clients?

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