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Understanding the hierarchy of the digital marketing funnel can be a cumbersome and never-ending challenge. Understanding where specific channels like social, email and display sit within this funnel can be more complicated than you’d think. Where do you start? What type of partner(s) do you need to effectively engage with your ideal audiences through these channels?

Where most marketers fall short is not fully understanding who their ideal audience segments are. To this end, we’re not simply talking about knowing their names but resolving to really understand every aspect about them. The cars they drive, children in household, income, buying behaviors, social media channels they engage with, email and physical addresses, credit score, etc…

The struggle is not only finding a partner able to identify these and many more attributes about their best audiences, but also transforming the data into something actionable, executing a campaign against the data and getting visibility to detailed reporting down to the transactional lifts by channel for these campaigns. Prior to working with AcquireWeb, we see marketers attempting to work with 4-7 different vendors in an attempt to get each of these specialized areas. For the small % who actually do, they rarely have success when trying to launch a truly integrated campaign that incorporates all of these critical components.

AcquireWeb’s seamless solutions were developed through years of seeing this happen to the industry and continually being introduced to marketers needing a single partner to facilitate this through.

If you’re in this position, let us help you identify and connect with only your best customers and ideal prospects across the right digital channels.

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