Barney MarvinChief Revenue Officer

Barney oversees AcquireWeb’s client services and business development teams focusing on delivering the solutions required to ensure they achieve their organizations marketing objectives. With AcquireWeb’s client base ranging in size across all business categories, Barney has delivered success by removing obstacles, educating, consulting, and garnering company resources to guarantee we can always exceed client expectations. Barney’s success is due in large part to his ability to secure long-standing relationships with customers based on respect and truth. In a cluttered business environment, these values can often times be pushed to the side for the sake of profitability, Barney has stayed true to these principles throughout his career.

Prior to joining AcquireWeb, Barney spent 20 years in Direct Marketing, Data and Technology with the last 10 of that focused on the digital space. He joined AcquireWeb from Experian where he began his tenure when Vente was acquired and remained with Experian for 9 years helping the company surpass multiple company-wide objectives.

Barney’s passions include his family, friends, coaching, his employees, growing AcquireWeb’s global footprint and giving back to his community in Omaha where he resides. Quote he lives by: “No matter what you have done for yourself or humanity, if you can’t look back on having given love & attention to your family, what have you really accomplished?”

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