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Many of you reading this own or work for companies who specialize in building or enhancing the performance of websites. Whether you’re with an ad agency, website design firm, SEO/SEM consultant or are charged to handle these areas for your own company, integrating technology to resolve anonymous website traffic may be a feature that separates you from the competition.

Marketers spend billions of dollars each year attempting to drive awareness and engagement among key audience segments. Most of the time, the key objective is to drive them to a website. In recent years, more attention has been geared towards resolving the 95+% of traffic that visits a website anonymously…and rightly so. These are audiences who have showed some level of intent simply by visiting a website. There’s no guarantee they’ll convert, but the fact that they’ve showed engagement through visiting the site is reason enough to gain a deeper understanding of who these audiences are.

The companies who focus on the development and performance of websites have a tremendous opportunity to offer the ability to resolve anonymous web traffic as part of their portfolio of services. With seamless integration, AcquireInsight can take the performance of a website to the next level by being able to identify, resolve and segment out anonymous website visitors. Marketers the opportunity to effectively engage with the right intent-based audiences.

You’re already helping build the identity of a brand through their website, now you’ll be able to provide the identities of the customers you’re building the website to appeal to.

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