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Let’s call it like it is, if you’re a small business it’s even more critical that you’re overly strategic about every dollar spent, regardless of what area of your business you spend it on. Given the vast array of channels where you can allocate marketing dollars, this is category that needs extra attention. In addition to the abundance of channels that make it challenging, there’s the reality that most channels are difficult to measure ROI against.

It’s true, we’re a tech company so you’re probably expecting us to dive right in on the efficiencies of digital media. Sorry to disappoint but the more critical aspect to achieving efficiency isn’t with the channel selection, it’s with the audience selection. The most efficient way to drive sales if you’re a small business (or a large one for that matter), is to put resources behind engaging with audiences who have already told you verbally (or non-verbally), that they’re interested in your brand. Yeah, we know, it sounds simple. That’s because it is, yet so many companies forget to focus on this group. Most companies focus on identifying, building awareness among and converting prospect audiences and forget or flat out ignore those segments who have said they want more information from you or have shown some form of intent behavior.

It’s also important to make clear, we’re not just talking about segments of consumers who are in your CRM. While CRM audiences are definitely in this discussion, the largest segments are potentially the 95% of visitors to your company’s website who are choosing to remain anonymous. Those are the audiences that when combined with your CRM, are the lowest hanging fruit and need to be nurtured before you started allocating significant dollars and resources to the prospect universe. Keep in mind, these people have already shown intent either from singing up for a newsletter, buying a product previously or taking the time to go to your website to learn more.

AcquireInsight is designed to identify and more importantly, create targeted segments of your ideal customers to engage with across email, social and display channels. We help turn the 95% of previously anonymous website traffic into known profiles complete with the linkage to engage with them across multiple channels and devices.

When cost-per-acquisition is so important, don’t step over dollars to pick up pennies.

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