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It’s no secret that operating a successful brick & mortar retail business is more challenging now than ever. Retail giants have been allocating significantly more resources behind their ecommerce platform given the change in how consumers are researching and buying goods and services. The weight loss industry has embraced this change and has quickly become one of the more competitive verticals in the ecommerce space over the last 5-7 years.

Due to the heightened sensitivity to the products in this category, it’s critical that companies in this space take the time to understand these individuals at a much more granular level. Each consumer is unique and should be considered as such when marketing to them, especially in a category that is so personal to each and every consumer.

In a recent case study, AcquireWeb worked with one of the largest health and nutrition brands to understand the audiences visiting their website through the AcquireInsight technology. This was a critical step in ensuring the right marketing messages were developed and executed against a series of different audiences, all possessing different attributes.

AcquireInsight Case Study

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