Identify and make prospect emails actionable

AcquireEmail starts with our foundation database with 315M+ Emails tied to a physical address, coupled with an active database of over 85M unique opt-ins, updated daily, weekly and monthly using proprietary quality filters and rigorous compilation methodologies leveraged to enhance accuracy.

Backed by over 15 years of development and refinement, our proprietary processes, patent-pending technology and industry-leading expertise set us apart from other email providers. We handle everything internally, allowing us to control every step and insure the best possible outcomes for our clients. Quality data is key, but if you cannot get to the inbox it is irrelevant.  Identifying prospects, making them actionable, and delivering to the recipient is the core of our AcquireEmail solution.

AcquireEmail Delivers Because of the Execution

Email is a core competency for AcquireWeb, with over 15 years of mailing experience

  • Database established 15 years ago and updated continuously every day since
  • Provides services to 1000’s of companies including many Fortune 500 firms
  • B2C and B2B data solutions
  • Patented technology to support Acquisition email
  • We house and maintain our data in-house
  • We email all communications off our own servers…we control the process for our clients
  • Our custom sending engine systematically monitors mail progress & auto-adjusts based on success rates
  • AcquireWeb has relationships with all of the major ISPs and proactively maintains proper sender identity registrations

Opt-in Sources:

  • Vigorously Vetted 3rd Party data partners collect from a variety of sources including: ISPs, eCommerce Sites, Job Boards, Co‑Registration Sites, Automotive, Catalog, Retail, Consumer Value Clubs, Entertainment Ticketing, Electronics and Hi-Tech, Financial, Hospitality, Job Seekers, SOHO, Publishing, Technology, Telecommunications and similar.
  • All 3rd Party sources maintain clear and explicit permission to receive messages from Marketing Partners
  • All of the data in the AWI DB is self-reported and 100% opt-in and 100% CAN-SPAM compliant.
  • All emails are fully traceable to date and place of opt-in
  • Rigorous data hygiene processing between 100 million and 300 million records monthly to add new data, identify change of address and change of email, plus delete opt-outs.

Permission and Privacy Matter

AcquireWeb has taken one of the most conservative and consumer-friendly approaches towards behavioral targeting data collection within the industry.

  • Our data is registration and survey derived with the privacy policy offered during the registration process for customers to view and understand the use of their information
  • We have built gateways between PII and marketing applications to protect individual privacy
  • We provide both robust notice and easy opt-out processes on our websites and in all our emails
  • We flag an email or IP address as well as remove consumers at the individual level within a database to ensure ongoing removal from email and behavioral targeting when requested.
  • Our processes, policies and practices have been reviewed and validated by privacy advocate, Alan Chapell, a recognized industry and FTC advisor.
Proprietary Match-Back

Our match-back analysis scientifically proves program results and ROI.

There are many articles and studies in the market today analyzing what metrics should or should not be used based on all of the aforementioned complexities of tracking within the email channel. This is why we continue to stress the importance of analyzing the transactional data against the marketed data to insure advertising efforts are driving the desired results.

Much of the information available can be used effectively at various points in the process as long as there is a good understanding of the data and potential implications. Working with providers who understand these issues, are willing to share information and ultimately match their services against the advertiser transactional data can make acquisition email a very effective channel.

Let us show you how to measure the true multi-channel results of your email marketing and the impact of your online advertising on your sales.

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