Premier Partner Insights: Critical Insight Integration

As a part of our proprietary AcquireGraph technology, critical attribute insights are integrated from our industry-leading partners. These premier partner insights allow us to enhance our actionable insight delivery to provide our clients with a true understanding of their audiences’ specific attributes from both a consumer and business perspective.

We work very closely and have excellent relationships with all of the industry’s leading individual, household and neighborhood level offline data compilers, plus other data enhancement companies that supply behavioral and demographic overlays for our files. To ensure the accuracy of the data, it is refreshed and rigorously screened and managed on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis depending on the data points. Proprietary matching methodologies and technologies facilitate data building and hygiene, as well as enable us to create targeted campaigns for clients.

Industry Segmentation


  • 180 Million Car Owners
  • 3 Million In Market Buyers

Real Estate & Mortgage

  • 116 Million Households

Family & Children

  • 299 Million Consumers

Packaged Goods

  • 30,000+ Products & Brands


  • 500+ Retail Categories


  • Affiliation, Donors, Congressional Districts


  • 30mm Traveling HH


  • 100mm+ mobile

Summarized Credit

  • 90mm+ HH


  • 250mm+ Consumers


  • 26mm B2B Contacts
  • 15mm Business

Live Event

  • 4mm + New Home Owner
  • 3mm+ New Parents


  • 40mm Pet Owners


  • 25mm+ Donors


  • 50mm+ Consumers
Individual & Business Segmentation

Consumer Attributes

  • Zip+4-Level Geography
  • Age and Income
  • Education
  • Presence of Children
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Occupation
  • Political Views
  • Mortgage and Property Data
  • Spending Models
  • Consumer Profile Models
  • Life Events

Business Variables

  • Geo/Location
  • SIC/NAICS Code
  • Employee Size
  • Sales Volume
  • Ownership Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Title
  • Location Type
  • Years in Business


AcquireData is what fuels our AcquireGraph technology. It provides marketers with the ability to build their ideal audiences, complete a broader more insightful picture of engaged customers, validate or hygiene existing data elements and connect traditionally disconnected marketing channels.

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