IP to GEO: 190+ Million IP Addresses attached to a zip+4

IP to GEO connects consumer IP addresses to a profiled neighborhood using observations of web and mobile activity from several sources. This includes individuals and households from a known geo, as well as business origination and business designated geography. The proprietary technology allows targeting at the Zip+4, associating any segment characteristics to a few households associated with the specific neighborhood (6-8 households).

IP targeting allows for expanded reach over cookie-based targeting without compromising audience identification.

Resolving Through IP

Proprietary algorithms compile data from multiple sources:

  • User Interaction including AcquireWeb’s database of 290MM+ emails tied to physical address
  • Public data
  • License data
  • Proprietary service/tech sources

IP Database

  • 190MM IP to Zip+4
  • 3.5MM Biz to IP
  • In-house proprietary data
  • Non-cookie
  • Attribution/Match-back
  • B2B & B2C
  • Privacy Compliant
  • Scalable
  • 90%+ of the US geo touched

IP solution provides for expanded reach by extrapolating households within specific neighborhoods who mirror individual audience select makeups for targeting communications.

Pinning an IP address to a Zip+4 aligns with State & Federal regulated data, as well as most audience clustering systems/models, and allows for compliant targeting of any proprietary data set.

IP Solution Optimization
  • Any web user who can be placed within that geography or business location can be profiled.
  • Potential reach 6 to 10 times over individual, PII-based cookies.
  • Billions of consumer data points linked.
  • Confidence scores assigned to location and other observation variables to understand demographic and purchase profiles assigned to an IP address.


AcquireData is what fuels our AcquireGraph technology. It provides marketers with the ability to build their ideal audiences, complete a broader more insightful picture of engaged customers, validate or hygiene existing data elements and connect traditionally disconnected marketing channels.

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