Email to Geo: 315+ million emails tied to a physical address

AcquireWeb is the nation’s leading owner and compiler of third-party permission opt-in email address data. Through Email to Geo, we currently provide batch and real-time access to our nationwide partner network of service providers who serve a variety of retail, catalog and financial institutions.

Our database is comprised of 315 million emails tied to clean, validated, physical addresses through our 1000+ partner network feeds. With a 15-year history, we specialize in proprietary validation, cross-channel linkage and continuous mailing to make sure lists are updated and clean.

High Quality Email

High Quality Email Databases

Active Email Database

  • B2C database consisting of 315million opt-in individuals each with up to three email addresses each. It is complete with full name, self-reported phone, postal address, IP address and AcquireWeb ID (AWID). All records have been verified within the past 14 months.
    • Emails linked to physical address:  315+ Million
    • Active Emails:  85+ Million
    • Hygiene/Known Bad Emails:  1.5 Billion
  • B2B database consisting of 26 million individuals at their business addresses. Each record is complete with full name, phone, company name, postal address, industry category, revenue range, departmental select, IP address and AcquireWeb ID (AWID).
Data Compilation & Sourcing

Data Sources Include
Automotive Sites, Catalog, Retail, Consumer Value Clubs, Entertainment Ticketing, Electronics and Hi-Tech, Financial, Hospitality, Job Seekers, Publishing, Technology, Telecommunications. ISPs, eCommerce, Co-Registration, Consumer Value Clubs, Health and Medical and others.

Data Validation and Hygiene

  • Validate the email prefix conforms to syntax standards of the given domain
  • Validate the domain is current and accurate
  • Validate the email is linked to the correct name and postal
  • Search Known-Deliverable email database to assign probability score for deliverability
  • Apply profanity filtering
  • CASS certification


AcquireData is what fuels our AcquireGraph technology. It provides marketers with the ability to build their ideal audiences, complete a broader more insightful picture of engaged customers, validate or hygiene existing data elements and connect traditionally disconnected marketing channels.

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