Cross-Channel Linkage

Cross-Channel Linkage connects the dots by marrying your offline data to online across several digital marketing channels in both the Consumer and Business-to-Business space. Our AcquireGraph technology comprised of Email to Geo and IP to Geo allows marketers to link across multiple channels at the individual, household or neighborhood level depending on the data set.

  • Postal to email
  • Postal to social
  • Postal to display
  • Email to postal
  • Email to social
  • Email to display
  • IP to postal
  • IP to email
  • IP to social
Multi-Channel Linkage

AcquireWeb accepts third-party marketing lists, CRM data, campaign specific custom lists or any target lists. Using AcquireWeb’s proprietary processes, Target Lists can be made actionable across Email, Social, Display and Postal channels.


  • Match Levels | Individual – Household – Address – Neighborhood – Business Name


  • Match Levels IP | Zip+4/Neighborhood – Business Name


  • Match Levels | Individual – Household – Address – Zip+4/Neighborhood

Reverse Postal

  • Match Levels | Individual – Household – Address – Zip+4/Neighborhood

Other Social

  • Match Levels | Individual – Household – Address – Zip+4/Neighborhood

Integration can vary from campaign specific one off Target List Creation or Full US based marketing file onboarding and maintenance, available across multiple platforms or campaigns.

AcquireGraph Technology

IP to Geo: 190+ Million IP Addresses attached to a zip+4

  • Connects consumer IP addresses to a profiled neighborhood using observations of web and mobile activity from several sources including individuals and households from a known geo as well as business origination and business designated geography. The proprietary technology that allows targeting at the Zip+4, associating any segment characteristics to a few households associated with the specific neighborhood (6-8 households).
  • IP targeting allows for expanded reach over cookie-based targeting without compromising audience identification.

Email to Geo:  315+ Million emails tied to a physical address

  • AcquireWeb is the Nation’s leading owner and compiler of third party permission opt-in email address data. As such, we currently provide batch and real-time access to our nationwide partner network of service providers who serve a variety of retail, catalog and financial institutions.
  • Our database is compiled of 315 Million emails tied to clean, validated, physical addresses through our 1000+ partner network feeds. With a 15-year history, we specialize in proprietary validation, cross-channel linkage and continuous mailing to make sure lists are updated and clean.


AcquireData is what fuels our AcquireGraph technology. It provides marketers with the ability to build their ideal audiences, complete a broader more insightful picture of engaged customers, validate or hygiene existing data elements and connect traditionally disconnected marketing channels.

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