AcquireData delivered through AcquireGraph technology provides marketers with the ability to build their ideal target audiences, complete a broader more insightful picture of engaged customers, validate or hygiene existing data elements and connect traditionally disconnected marketing channels.

AcquireWeb is a leading supplier of multichannel marketing data, data enhancement, data hygiene, data analytics and data-driven marketing programs. We utilize our AcquireGraph comprised of 315 million emails tied to physical address, 190 million IPs tied to geography and relationships with the best offline data compilers in the industry to help companies market cross-channel.

With over 5,000 segmentation attributes connected using our proprietary matching processes and technologies across email, social, display and postal we can help you reach exactly who you want, where you want, across all channels with an accuracy not found elsewhere in the industry.


As a part of our proprietary AcquireGraph engine, critical data insights are integrated from our industry-leading partners. This allows us to enhance our actionable data delivery to provide our clients with a true understanding of their target audiences’ specific attributes from both a consumer and business perspective.

Industry Segmentation

Individual & Business Segmentation


Email Append

  • Convert offline customers to online consumers by appending email addresses to customer records in your offline database
  • Using only name and postal address, our email append process provides you with the most cost effective solution for connecting with your customers online
  • Database of over 750 million deliverable email addresses
  • All data records maintain the location and date of opt-in
  • All CASS standardization and customer matching done in-house.  Allows for AcquireWeb-controlled process resulting in quicker turnaround, quality control and accountability.

Real-time Data Verifications and Appends

Check or add data instantly; plus our Online Lead Verification (DCASTech) can assure lead and data quality plus de-duplication across multiple sources. Why pay for bad leads when you can verify leads are good before you pay? DCASTech verification can save you 10% to 20% of lead cost by rejecting unacceptable leads as well as reduce your follow-on marketing costs.

New Business to Business Email Append File

Contains over 17 million business professionals. The AcquireWeb B2B email append processes produce the most accurate, highest quality email addresses available in the marketplace today because the individuals represented by these email addresses are actively emailed and proven. Reverse append can also be included to add name, postal address and other metrics to existing email addresses.

Append File Data Elements

  • Name • # of Employees
  • Title • Annual Sales Volume
  • Company • Industry Classification
  • Email Address • Department Classification
  • Office & Corporate Postal Address • URL
  • Our Append services allow you take an existing prospect list and make it actionable in other channels


  • Using inaccurate data can be costly and damage your brand
  • Regular hygiene is crucial due to how frequent even high quality data becomes inaccurate
  • AcquireWeb’s Hygiene process is used to “clean” email addresses to protect the data file owner/mailer from excessive bounce backs and potential ISP “black listing”.

Offline Data

  • CASS Standardization • Delivery Point Validation DPV • Profanity Scrub • NCOA • Name Field Correction 
    Phone Verification • Area Code and Extension Filter

Online Data

  • Domain and Extension Correction • Email Prefix Filter • Profanity Filter • MX Record Look-up 
    SMTP Path Validation • Hard Bounce File Filter • SPAM Trap Filter • Re-permission Service • Email Delivery Validation

Match-back Analysis

  • There are many articles and studies in the market today analyzing what metrics should or should not be used based on all of the aforementioned complexities of tracking within the email channel. This is why we continue to stress the importance of analyzing the transactional data against the marketed data to insure advertising efforts are driving the desired results.
  • Much of the information available can be used effectively at various points in the process as long as there is a good understanding of the data and potential implications. Working with providers who understand these issues, are willing to share information and ultimately match their services against the advertiser transactional data can make acquisition email a very effective channel for you.
  • Let us show you how to measure the true multi-channel results of your email marketing and the impact of your online advertising on your offline channel sales.


AcquireData is what fuels our AcquireGraph technology. It provides marketers with the ability to build their ideal audiences, complete a broader more insightful picture of engaged customers, validate or hygiene existing data elements and connect traditionally disconnected marketing channels.

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