Optimized Multi-Channel Retargeting

Once the identity of your anonymous traffic is resolved, and the audience has been filtered and built, now advertisers have the opportunity to stay engaged with your ideal consumers already interested in your products and services. Multi-channel retargeting in the most effective channels, including email, social, display or postal, can be developed around pre-determined execution timelines, or trigger enabled.

Trigger-enabled campaign executions are setup to deploy automated messaging through email, social and/or display channels within 24 hours of a site visit, or timed in conjunction with postal delivery based on an electronic notification submitted through USPS to AcquireWeb. This multi-channel frequency solution helps our clients stay in front of their customers and/or prospects in the most effective way at the most relevant time.

  • Connect with the household and neighbors of the individual site visitor
  • Filter to only those individuals meeting specific requirements based on known offline information

Connect with the very same targeted individuals in Social Custom Audience applications

  • Retarget to all those site visits where a retargeting cookie could not be placed or is no longer active
  • Filter the audience based on offline attributes to only reach desired targets

Leverage existing and proven direct mail techniques to connect with engaged prospective consumers

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