Cross-Channel Audience Build

AcquireInsight’s solution will help you build your ideal cross-channel audience out of previously anonymous traffic using the data provided through our proprietary AcquireGraph technology. AcquireInsight’s user-friendly dashboard summarizes geographic, demographic and customer insights, allowing advertisers to seamlessly create actionable audiences across email, social, display and postal. This yea, you can focus on your most ideal customers to drive your desired marketing results.

Filtering & Prospects

Using current CRM and insights linked to AcquireInsight’s platform, anonymous traffic can be filtered to segment only ideal customers and prospects

Connect to All Channels
  • Proprietary AcquireGraph Technology will enable us to define and connect ideal customer and prospect audience profiles across social, display, email and postal channels
  • Through AcquireWeb’s cross-channel audience build process, data will be transformed for delivery to the execution platform determined
Multi-Platform Data Delivery

Actionable data can be delivered for self-serve or full service execution through our Single Channel Solution, or data can be delivered to your agency, marketing team or third-party platforms.

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