Resolve identity issues and retarget your anonymous traffic


AcquireInsight makes understanding your traffic simple, compliant and robust

Marketers are spending valuable dollars each month to reach potential customers. However, over 90-95% of the visitors to any given website are anonymous. The AcquireInsight solution helps by adding additional insight on WHO is visiting and helps retarget those anonymous customers across multiple channels.  Our proprietary solutions for linking data, combined with our extensive resources of data intelligence, provide a platform for connecting geography and consumer attributes to your anonymous website traffic.  All of this is done at a neighborhood level, meeting all current industry standards and regulations for compliance.

Once the identity of your anonymous website traffic is resolved, AcquireWeb can work with you develop the most effective multi-channel retargeting campaigns.  Through our proprietary AcquireGraph Technology, we can help you filter out your ideal target customer prospects to ensure your retargeting strategies are focused on the most efficient audiences for each execution dollar you spend.

AcquireInsight is one of the critical features in our proprietary automated platform, AudienceAnywhere, which serves as the only audience management platform that creates deterministic omni-channel engagements with your ideal audience segments through an integrated process that features both industry-leading insight data and cross-channel linkage capabilities.

How AcquireInsight Works

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Products & Solutions

Anonymous Site Visit Identification

Identify the audience of engaged customers that you're not converting

Cross-Channel Audience Build

Seamlessly integrate with your offline data to deliver actionable data

Optimized Multi-Channel Re-Targeting

Identify anonymous traffic and develop the most effective multi-channel re-targeting strategies

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