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If you’re retargeting your website visitors without first understanding who they are to make sure they are in your ideal audience(s), you’re wasting your marketing money.

It’s a common mistake we see CMOs and advertising agencies make all the time. Simple cookie based retargeting rarely provides enough information to enable you to resolve audiences with any valuable level of detail, especially since many web users choose to turn cookies off.

When you start analyzing your web traffic, you may find that only 20% of the people coming to your site are actually who you want to spend money on with retargeting ads. AcquireGraph is the technology that connects the insights we have to the audiences visiting your site as well as the ones who haven’t visited yet. Without it, you won’t know who are the right people to target and will market to everyone visiting your site.

This kind of marketing is sometimes called ‘spray and pray’ and it’s not the most effective way to spend your marketing dollars. In essence, it’s applying a broadcast approach to a digital medium. It’s not only counterintuitive, but it squanders the power of individualization offered by the digital universe.

With AcquireGraph, you can paint a full picture of who is visiting your site and how to best reach them with retargeting ads that bring them back to consider the products and services you offer that are best suited for them. An example can help illustrate this idea well.

Ineffective Retargeting Illustrated

Let’s say you sell high end, luxury vehicles. One day, Jimmy visits your dealership page. He spends 2 hours customizing his dream car on your site. Then he leaves. Seeing the amount of time his session lasted and the number of pages he visited, you select him as a candidate for your retargeting campaign and dutifully serve up ads to him for the next 2 weeks.

What you don’t know is that Jimmy is 17 years old and mows lawns to earn extra cash when he’s not in school. One of his clients has one of your cars and he’s fallen in love with it. He is motivated to buy but has no means to do so. By spending money serving up retargeting ads to Jimmy, you are wasting your marketing money.

What sets AcquireWeb apart in the digital space is our AcquireGraph technology and its unique ability to add insights and linkage to your marketing efforts. Not only can we create ideal audiences for your products and services, we can determine the linkage across multiple channels for each audience so that you can execute effective campaigns against them.

In the crowded digital landscape, there are many partners who will create audiences for your brand and others who will execute campaigns to those audiences. No one does both except for AcquireWeb and our AcquireGraph technology is the secret to our success.

Want to learn more about AcquireWeb’s technology and services? Connect with us today to discuss your marketing challenges and start executing campaigns that actually drive sales for your brand.

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