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For a tech company, it’s like second nature for us to jump into the weeds of our data and algorithms but this a blog, so let’s have some fun with it. If going into the weeds is what you’re interested in, I’m more than happy to book a few hours on the calendar today and jump right in, just say the word, that’s fun for us. Absent of that, let’s talk tech but in the form of what we can all have fun with, an analogy. In the spirit of the season; we think that a great marketing solution is like a great football team.

It’s a pretty good bet that the teams that will end up succeeding in the playoffs and ultimately the Super Bowl and National Championship probably aren’t doing so because they have only one area of their team dynamic that’s great at what they do, fair? Last time we checked, teams didn’t win at the highest level because they had only a strong special teams dynamic with no offense or defense to speak of. Likewise, it’s unrealistic to think a team can succeed if the only thing they brought to the field was a single high caliber receiver but possessed the worst defense, offensive line, running backs and special teams in the sport. Also fair? Reality shows that success has a significantly higher likelihood if all three facets of a team are strong given each has a critical role to achieving the singular objective of winning. Each brings something unique to the table in their areas of specialty that increase the odds of success.

At AcquireWeb, we believe the same holds true in our industry and our Customer Identity Integration Technology (CIIT) is representative of just that. We’re not the only company with a significant email database, we’re not the only company using IP-based targeting and we’re not the only company who collects audience attribute data from 3rd party partners. What we are is the ONLY company who has developed proprietary technology that integrates all 3 and combines them with your offline data to build and connect you with only your best audiences. A technology primarily based in 1st party interactions to reduce the risk of fraud. Like a successful football team, each of these 3 areas provides their own unique insights that help us understand audiences better and connect with them more effectively across social, email and display.

If you had the option of starting the most important game of your season with all 3 facets of your team ranked the strongest in the league, would you instead choose to leave 2 of them off the field.

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