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The digital display environment has been and will continue to be an evolving category for marketers across all industries. The need for brands to allocate strong percentages of their marketing budgets to display has been evident for years and continues to grow. One of the biggest challenges brands face today isn’t the concept of allocating resources to the display channel, it’s selecting the right partners to help develop and implement the most effective digital display strategies.

The industry has seen some solid companies surface who’ve secured valuable inventory across 1000’s of sites, allowing brands to put their creative messages across everything from mainstream to niche sites. Execution of digital display has moved to a place where the simplicity is evident more so than ever before.

With execution now having more seamless options, it should come down to those partners who have the capacity to work with brands to identify and resolve the right audiences to reach with display campaigns.  The channels of execution render meaningless if a brand is approaching the site selections with the wrong audiences in mind.

To steal a baseball reference for a second, we might consider viewing our approach similar to that of extending a single into a triple.  Much like a “single” is safe and productive, it doesn’t take a baseball purist to agree that turning that into a triple increases your chances of scoring a run.  Having a basic idea of who your target audiences are is what we would align with a “single”.  If knowing that as a company, you’re defining your success based on the “run scoring” objectives you’ve set forth, wouldn’t you prefer to start allocating your marketing dollars when you’re standing on third base vs first.

Layering the additional filters on your initial target audience segments will allow you to fully understand the attributes that make up these individuals resulting with the ability the to filter out your ideal customers and prospects to target with your digital marketing campaigns.  Your ability to score the run, or in your case, achieve your campaign objectives has just become significantly easier.

The only graph technology in the market that combines industry-leading consumer and business insights with unparalleled linkage capabilities. Marketers can identify and create ideal audiences with the key insights needed to truly understand more about their most important audience segments. Equally as important, our linkage technology builds the bridge to connect you with those audiences for campaign execution across email, social and display channels. AcquireGraph links offline consumer attributes to our proprietary Graph of over:

  • 350 million devices
  • 200 IP addresses attached to geographical locations
  • 80 Million Device IDs
  • 1.6 billion unique validated email addresses
  • 10,000 premier 3rd party insights

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