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It’s no secret that we are inundated with emails. The Radicati Group reports that the total number of emails sent worldwide will reach more than 220 billion per day this year. Of those, 132 billion will be sent by businesses each day. Business users are expected to send 140 emails every day by 2018. With that kind of volume, it’s easy to assume that AOL’s old message of ‘You’ve Got Mail!’ is no longer a welcome one (let alone worthy of a romantic comedy plot).

A recent campaign we ran with auto dealers may just prove that wrong. You see, we found that over a six-month period, we were able to achieve a total ROI of $33.82 per dollar spent and net ROI of +3382% with a targeted email marketing campaign. Our success was not singular but scalable and repeatable, proving that not only is email NOT dead as a lucrative marketing channel, but that when the right audience is targeted with the right message at the right time, the results can be stupendous.

A Word for the Skeptical
Chances are probably good that you’ve executed some level of email marketing and possibly even dedicated a fair amount of time and investment in that channel today. It’s not uncommon for us to see clients battling these issues with their email marketing campaigns:

·      Connecting Email Channel to CRM
·      Compliance Issues
·      Effectiveness and Efficiency
·      Growing CRM Through Targeted Email Prospecting

As a tech company that started in the email space, AcquireWeb is familiar with these challenges and more importantly, how to overcome them. We don’t just believe, we know that Email is not only a relevant channel but is critical to squeezing the most value out of any multi-channel digital strategy. We know how to help you get more sales out of your email marketing efforts.

Audience Segmentation is Critical for Success
Having a database of more than 315 million emails that are tied to a physical address allows our technology to connect the dots and help brands truly understand every aspect of their ideal customers and prospects. Our work over the decades and most recently, with automotive dealers, affirms that the most important step to creating a successful email marketing campaign is to segment the audience appropriately. Basically, by making sure you are talking to the right people about your products or services, at the right time, you are giving your campaign a much greater ROI.

Stats show that email isn’t going anywhere. All the negative associations with it come from unwanted emails. AcquireWeb works with businesses and brands to ensure their email isn’t just wanted but welcomed into their customers’ and prospects inboxes.

In the posts ahead, we’ll dive into the details of our enormously successful six-month auto dealer campaign to uncover the secret to achieving success with your email marketing campaign efforts.

What’s your take on email marketing?
What was your experience with your last campaign like?
What do you think the most critical factor to success is?
What challenges or questions do you have about email marketing?
How many emails a day do you get?

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