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We spent the last few weeks talking about the importance of Identity Solutions for marketers. Without first identifying and connecting the dots on your current customers and/or prospects, you’re ultimately deciding to take a spray-and-pray approach with your marketing campaigns. An approach that will inevitably be the least efficient and by far the least effective.

For many companies, finding a firm who can bring to the table an Identity Solution is critical when they don’t have the in-house resources to do it themselves. There are also companies out there that do in fact have a deep bench of in-house resources but are lacking some key data insights that will allow them to fully understand their CRM or prospect audiences. For companies like this, data licensing is the direction that makes the most sense. Just like selecting an Identity Solutions firm, choosing a firm to license data from needs to be considered carefully, especially given the heightened focus on privacy and compliance in our industry.

AcquireWeb is one of the industry-leaders in Email, IP and Insights data licensing which provides marketers the ability to:

  • Build ideal audience segments
  • Complete a broader, more insightful picture of engaged customers
  • Validate or hygiene existing data elements
  • Connect traditionally disconnected marketing channels

Let AcquireWeb help you access only the data you need. To speak one of our managers about your licensing needs, contact us at or 650.212.2233.

If you’re interested in learning more about the data available to license, click here.

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