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You’re probably guessing the number could be anywhere from 30-70% of your website traffic is who you’d define as a “prospect”. It’s probably a fair estimate and might actually be right depending on the products/services offered.

Wouldn’t it be great to take the guess work out of all of this and truly understand who from your anonymous website traffic is actually a prospect? Our AcquireInsight solution is built solely for that purpose.

Our graph has the power to create the profile of your best customers and link those across multiple digital channels and devices, providing you the ability to engage with only those audiences who are intent-based and most likely to convert. Our AcquireInsight solution captures all your anonymous traffic and then based on the makeup of your ideal customers, filters out those segments and prepares them for you to engage with through email, social, display and even postal channels in the most scalable and transparent way.

Don’t waste time and money retargeting audiences who will never convert. Drive success through technology that lets you reach the:

  • RIGHT prospects
  • At the RIGHT time
  • Through the RIGHT channel
  • On the RIGHT device

Video:  AcquireInsight


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