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Organic growth is a buzz phrase used across businesses of all sizes and categories, but implementing strategies behind it is often challenging for companies. The amount of revenue growth through upselling or providing additional products/services to customers who are either brand loyalists or have purchased from you in the past, can be significant. While not forgotten, brands typically don’t put enough resources behind growing those customers who’ve already engaged with their brand.

CRM customers can be the most cost-effective segment to grow, especially if they’re on your website spending time researching other products/services you offer. Traditional retargeting will deliver messaging to these groups but won’t provide you the insights needed to customize messaging that’s crucial for this audience. Think about it for a second, it may come across offensive to a customer of yours to receive a triggered ad promoting the same product to them that they purchased two-weeks prior. Heck, it may be offensive to them that you’re targeting them at all in a mass capacity.

Understanding which of your CRM customers are visiting and gaining more insights about those customers, will provide you the ability to customize messaging and offers that will mean the most to those audiences. With the AcquireInsight solution, we’re able to resolve anonymous website traffic and filter them into different segments. We can create segments of your anonymous traffic that include:

  • CRM audiences visiting your website.
  • Prospect audiences that meet specific look-a-like criteria based on the attributes that make up your best customers.
  • Audiences that currently are not possessing the attributes that meet the requirements to be your best customers.

Being able to know when a current customer visits your website can be one of the best marketing tools out there. By combining the information you already know about them, with the insights our AcquireInsight solution can provide, you have the opportunity engage with them more intelligently.

Not all visitors to your site are the same, your retargeting strategies should be built and executed against this reality.

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