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It’s extremely easy for us to get excited when we get that first glimpse of a digital marketing campaign analysis where the basic performance statistics (opens & clicks) appear positive. Immediately our assumptions are that significant spikes at the cash register are soon to follow, right? In most situations when we’re brought into our first meeting with a potential client, we find this is far from the case. As with most things in the ever-evolving world of digital media we live in, there are a lot of variables that can play into these less-than-ideal results from a transactional standpoint. Whether these results were driven based around the launch of a new digital campaign, creating a re-targeting effort based on previous campaign performance or activity to a brands website, the one constant that we’ve seen after diving into these situations is a lack of fully understanding who and how to connect with ONLY the ideal audiences.

This isn’t the first and definitely won’t be the last time we publicize “Jimmy”, but “Jimmy” is a great representation for what we’re talking about here. If you can visualize a scenario in which “Jimmy” has spent the last month visiting Range Rover’s website every other day and while on the site, he’s bouncing between a couple specific makes and models. He’s definitely interested as the basic tracking tools shows he’s viewing various feature pages each time he visits. Based on this behavior analysis, we can assume he’s an ideal prospect and the kind of prospect any marketer would be happy to spend dollars against to stay engaged with “Jimmy”, with the ultimate goal of setting an appointment to test drive and seal the deal. If you’re nodding your head in agreement and see this as about as obvious as they come, you’re not seeing the whole picture.  Don’t feel bad, everybody has the same reaction.

If you dig a little deeper and fully resolve “Jimmy”, you can see that he’s an 18-year old kid, mows lawns for a living and the car he’s been researching actually costs more than his parents’ house where he lives rent-free (we’re guessing your nodding probably has ended at this point). The critical point we’re making here is regardless of whether you’re building a strategy for a digital campaign or non-digital, understanding and resolving only your ideal audiences needs to be the first step.  Through this will uncover the connection opportunities across various channels like the ones we specialize in across email, social and display.

Channel-selections render meaningless if the wrong audiences are being targeted.

Video: Acquire Your Ideal Audiences

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