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It’s hard to argue the concept that knowing more about your current customers and prospects, makes crafting the targeted messaging you’re planning to engage them with, easier to accomplish.  We live and operate in a society where marketers are not simply tasked with creating an engaging message that entices audiences, but also making sure the right channels carry that message at the right time and in the right environment.  A society where consumer research and purchasing is done whenever and wherever they choose, both digitally and non-digitally.

Without question, this comes with significant challenges. On the flipside, it provides marketers with significant opportunities.  Opportunities that allowed our firm to grow from a “data” company to a “technology” company focused on helping marketers truly understand the detailed characteristics about their best current customers and ideal prospective audiences.

To truly understand your current audiences and identify your best prospects, marketers need more than the basic demographic elements that exist today.  Knowing that women 35-50 years old, who have a household income of $125K, two children and engage on Facebook, simply isn’t enough.  These are the basics. The opportunity to really separate your brand in the digital space, starts with understanding even more.  Imagine not only understanding these basics, but then integrating additional attributes like the following:

  • Type of car driven
  • Credit score
  • Where and how traveled on family vacations in the last 2 years
  • Education
  • Products researched or shopped for online
  • Active social media pages
  • Profession
  • Political affiliation
  • Packaged goods purchased
  • Home value
  • Geography living in
  • Devices used (mobile, tablet, computer, etc..)
  • Email & Postal addresses
  • etc.

Adding critical insights like these on top of our 315 millions emails tied to a physical address and our 190+ million IP addresses tied to a zip+4, is where things get really interesting and marketers begin to really understand how, where and when to engage not only their best current customers but their ideal prospect audiences.

Of course data plays a critical role, but at the end-of-the-day, how valuable is “data” if you’re not able to do anything with it. Our technology doesn’t simply stop at the ability to truly understand your audiences, but offers the solutions that allow you to engage with those audiences digitally whenever, however and wherever you need.

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