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In our business we’re continually approached asking if we can provide an “email list”. The answer is “Of course, but why?” We would all agree that connecting with current customers through email is a key engagement platform for ongoing communications. First, these are audiences who have told you through the opt-in process that they want more information from you. Second, the channel provides a real one-to-one engagement. With the abundance of clutter that exists across our multi-channel and multi-device environment, any targeted and engagement-driven platform that provides one-to-one connection are critical.

That said, we’ll revert back to our initial question of “why”. The question is not specific to why email, but why only email. Of course we can provide lists, but one area we see overarching success with our clients, is taking a different approach. Start with first digging into your lists to determine if it’s made up of truly your best customers and ideal prospects. By resolving and filtering out key segments against those attributes that make up your best audiences generated through analyzing your offline and anonymous website traffic data, segments can be adjusted to reflect only audiences who’ve shown a level of intent and thus more likely to purchase the product or service you’re offering. Why waste money reaching those who aren’t really current or potential customers.

Great, now I have a targeted list to deploy email campaigns against right? No. We’ll again revert back to our opening paragraph specifically around the multi-channel and multi-device clutter in our society today. Due to the abundance of messaging we’re all exposed to throughout our days, allocating all your resources into a single channel (any channel) is a significant risk. Based on how your audiences engage in this multi-channel/multi-device climate we live in, the increased level of frequency and engagement opportunities that come from communicating across different platforms is where we see brands be the most effective. Utilizing the opportunities to engage with these segments not only in their inbox, but also when they engage on Facebook, Twitter or on the websites they visit through display, provides you with the opportunity to achieve more reach and where they’re most engaged.

On the surface, it may sound like we’re making a case against email. That couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact it’s a significant component to most campaigns we work on. Our position is simple, take a step back and ensure you’re first targeting the right audiences and second, approach digital campaigns with channel agnostic mindset. Your investment will not be affected yet your campaigns performance will be enhanced significantly.

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