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As a marketer, the focus on discovering the right identity solutions for your business has most likely intensified over the last couple years. In today’s marketing climate, it’s paramount that you’re able to identify and engage the right audiences across all addressable touchpoints throughout their buying journey in the most meaningful way. Through the abundance of current and emerging connected devices, the customers buying journey now includes an unlimited range of opportunities to engage with brands.

According to a recent Winterberry Group study released in August of 2018 (Know Your Audience: The Evolution of Identity in a Consumer-Centric Marketplace), the US market will expand investments in identity solutions from $900MM in 2018 to $2.6 billion by 2022. Clearly the focus is there and while 58% of companies surveyed in the study said they’ve intensified their focus on identity solutions, the reality is that finding the right solutions is still a major challenge for marketers to overcome. “Only 15.3% of respondents said they are able to identify their audiences accurately and consistently.”

While there are several reasons why these challenges exist, some of the core reasons include:

  • Data inputs are largely disconnected from one another
  • Emerging connected channels including virtual assistants, smart TVs, wearables, smart home management solutions
  • Blind spots of the “Walled Gardens”
  • Changes to privacy and protection regulations
  • Perception that multiple vendors are needed to piece together the right identity solutions causing lack of integration of data which limits the ability for accuracy and scale


The first step in overcoming these challenges is finding right graph technology that includes not only the highest quality insight data but also possesses the linkage capabilities to attach those insights and devices to the audiences that matter most. AcquireGraph technology offered by AcquireWeb, checks all those boxes. For over 16-years, AcquireWeb has been helping brands better understand their CRM audiences, identify and engage with prospect audiences and turn anonymous website traffic into qualified leads.

To learn more about how AcquireWeb can be the identity solution you’ve been looking for, contact us today or visit our solutions page.

Interested in how AcquireWeb helped drive record sales for over 225 dealerships, check out the video link below:

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