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As a marketer, taking the necessary steps to make sure your strategies and execution tactics are engaging with the right audiences is probably something that keeps you up at night. Yes, deciding what channels to engage them with is also a challenge but without understanding who the right audiences are and taking it further to understand where they prefer to engage across channels and device, you’re operating in the dark.

In recent weeks we’ve talked about the importance of selecting and utilizing the right identity solutions to accomplish this. We’ve talked about how critical it is as a foundation for identifying and connecting the dots on the right audiences and we’ve also talked about how important it is for omni-channel linkage and engagements.

Arguably, the audiences that are the lowest hanging fruit are the intent-based segments that are visiting your website but choosing to remain anonymous. These are customers who clearly have an interest in your product or service but are still waiting to be convinced to convert. Often, the only way this is going to happen is if you engage with them and give them that reason. The right identity solutions can take those anonymous website visitors and segment them out into different categories of consumers to help you better understand what makes them tick, and also help you understand the ideal places to reach them through email, social or display and on what devices. These categories typically include:

  • Current CRM customers you’ve lost track of
  • Aspirational shoppers who are not able to convert at this time
  • Current customers who have opted NOT to be added to your CRM
  • Prospect audiences who fit the critical attribute criteria (look-a-likes) to become loyal customers

On average over 95% of your website traffic is anonymous. With that many intent-based audiences visiting your website, you can’t afford not to understand and engage with the right ones. Our AcquireInsight solution is an industry-leader in helping brands transparently understand who their anonymous visitors are and through our AcquireGraph identity solution, we can ensure your only engaging with the audiences that are right for your brand.

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