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In recent weeks we’ve been spending time addressing the importance of using the right Identity Solutions for your business. We’ve talked about its importance when it comes to identifying and connecting-the-dots on the right audiences to target (Identity Solutions: Overcoming the Challenges). We’ve also discussed how it can lead to a match-back reporting analysis which provides you the ability to generate a true ROI on your campaign efforts (Identity Solutions: Determining the ROI).

A critical benefit of using an identity solution comes in its ability to create the right omni-channel engagement opportunities, or optimize the campaign you may currently be running. It’s no secret that taking a multi-channel approach with your campaign efforts will yield greater results vs a single channel effort. With consumer media and shopping habits changing as rapidly as they do today, it’s not only essential but it’s expected that brands engage when and where consumers choose across email, social and display channels.

Through our Identity Solution, AcquireGraph, the critical linkage between audience segments and the channels they choose to engage with are created. There’s an abundance of identity solutions that exist, but most either provide the ability to create audiences yet they’re unable to link them to channels OR they can link audience segments to channels but aren’t able to build the ideal audience segments you need to start with. AcquireWeb is one of the few firms in the industry where both are standard outputs, allowing our clients to not only create the audiences that matter, but engage with them across the multiple channels over the course of a day those audiences engage with.

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