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In the data insights industry, firms typically provide solutions that either help marketers build audience segments to targets OR link segments across channels; few do both and none rely on first party data, limiting the accuracy and effectiveness of the results. Worse, data partners are anything but transparent with marketers when it comes to resolving anonymous website traffic and marketing to it.

“We tell marketers who is coming to their site and why,” says AcquireWeb President and CEO Albert Gadbut. “Then, we help them connect with only their ideal audiences from that traffic. We do all of this transparently, which delivers a real return on marketers’ ad dollars.”

Businesses come to us every day asking for tags to resolve their anonymous website traffic. Few realize they deserve more for their marketing dollars than they’ve been getting. They’re stunned to discover our AcquireInsight solution pulls out the intent-based audiences from all anonymous visitors and defines their profiles. Our revolutionary AcquireGraph technology then powers linkage to those audiences across their digital channels of choice, making effective digital campaigns possible.

“Ours is one of the few industries where businesses are expected to blindly pay for marketing executions without any reliable or meaningful results,” says Gadbut.

“Because AcquireWeb’s audience data is tied to compliant, legitimate first party data, marketers can compare individuals targeted with sales of products and services during a specific time period and make meaningful adjustments to their campaigns. It’s not just the only truly responsible way to evaluate marketing spend; it offers businesses a better metric than mere engagement.”

We’re proud of the fact that our products bring real, actionable insights to resolved web traffic and that we can help our clients understand not just who is coming to their sites, but whether or not they are a fit for their products and services, based on the specific demographic attributes we’ve associated with them.

“Most companies that offer retargeting do not provide transparency for prospective audiences,” says AcquireWeb Marketing Director Cort Irish. “We do it with full transparency so our clients can see who these audiences are, regardless of whether they’re in their CRM or not. That’s a real game-changer for marketers because we know from experience conducting campaigns that most of the people who buy your products or services never take a measurable action or choose to opt in to your CRM system. We can help you target that silent majority and market to them, increasing the potential return you see from your efforts.”

Time to ask yourself:

What have your results been from your recent retargeting efforts? What do you think you could do differently to achieve better outcomes? Are you frustrated with the level of transparency (or lack thereof) you experience with your current data partner?

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