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Franchise businesses are one of the most challenging business models to run. In addition to the challenges that come with brand awareness, maintaining quality products/services and the standard hurdles businesses need to overcome, you also have the need to appease the hundreds, and sometimes thousands of franchisees that are investing in your company and relying on you to support their local franchise.

It’s no secret that the ability to customize messaging and tailor marketing plans based on geographic needs is a more successful approach then a spray-and-pray national campaign. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong national branding campaigns, but to rely solely on these without supplementing with local market campaigns typically does more harm than good. It can also result in frustrated franchisees who voice their concerns that “corporate doesn’t care about our market”.

We’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of national restaurant franchises where AcquireInsight technology was utilized to provide insights at the national and local level, to help inform the coop marketing strategy development. AcquireInsight identified and resolved the various audiences visiting the restaurant chains website and determined geographically, where these audiences were visiting from. After building the customer profiles, different segments of target audience groups were created based on what pages they visited as well as specific demographic and psychographic attributes. Through AcquireGraph, we were able to create the linkage that provided us with the device they viewed the website from, along with insights on the other digital channels they engage with. All done ensuring that all compliance and consumer privacy standards were maintained at the highest level throughout the process. This analysis allowed us the ability to create extremely targeted segments of intent-based audiences who were most likely to convert and execute a geo-targeted, multi-channel campaign across email, social, display and direct mail campaigns.

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