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The banking industry is notorious for enhancing their portfolio of products to educate their customers and prospects that they can serve as a one-stop-shop for all financial needs. It’s an ultra-competitive industry that is both rate-driven as well as customer service-driven.

Everyday customers take the initiative to trust a banking institution with arguably their most important asset, their finances. It’s logical to believe that since that trusted relationship has been established, those same customers would prefer to work with the same institution for other financial needs vs seeking out a new bank where relationships are yet to be established.

Through years of working with financial institutions of all sizes, we consistently see CRM customers are visiting their websites regularly, but where they’re spending time is what’s interesting. Typically, they’re researching additional products or services different from what they have today. While driving new customers will always be a top priority, it’s critical that financial institutions prioritize expanding the portfolios of their current customer base. Not only can this be more effective, but it’s typically more efficient given the institution isn’t required to spend the time and money to establish a trust that’s already in place. At this stage, they’re simply looking to be comfortable with additional offerings from the financial institution they already know.

Through AcquireInsight, our banking clients have been able to identify who from their CRM has been visiting their website and in particular, what those customers are researching. This enables them to tailor specific messages and offers unique to what they’re looking for.

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