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A retargeting or email marketing campaign is only as valuable as the results it generates. We’ve been talking this month on the blog about the importance of resolving anonymous website traffic and re-targeting it transparently. Today we want to show you how we did exactly that for an auto industry client and achieved stunning results.

AcquireWeb Automotive Case Study

What made this engagement so effective was the fact that we looked at anonymous traffic as an incredible opportunity instead of a problem. With about 80-90% of overall website traffic being anonymous, there’s a lot of low-hanging fruit out there for your business to grab. After all, these visitors have already chosen to engage with your brand; you just don’t know who they are or why they’ve come. AcquireWeb’s AcquireInsight solution helps you answer those questions by identifying who’s visiting your site and what they want from you.

As today’s video shows, the dealerships that partnered with AcquireWeb saw their services and car sales spike. Our solution worked for them and we know it can help you achieve more satisfying marketing results.

What’s your take on retargeting? How do you think resolving anonymous web traffic could drive more customers through your doors? How satisfying is your experience with your current data partner?

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