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The past month, we’ve been discussing the viability of email marketing campaigns. Quite the contrary to prevailing opinion, email is not dead, but as our campaign bore out, an effective and lucrative channel for brands to reach prospects and customers with their products and services. We believe every brand should be able to trust their marketing partners and so we’ve been sharing real results from a real case study we recently completed for 225 of the world’s leading automotive dealers.

Here are some of the highlights from those earlier blog posts:

Audience segmentation is critical for success – In essence, by making sure you talk to the right people at the right time, you give your campaign the best possible ROI

Data makes the difference – We segmented our audience by a variety of factors, including service and warranty histories; HHI; purchase behaviors; credit score; proximity to dealer locations; and demographic & psychographic variables. We further sliced and diced that data around more factors to arrive at our ideal audience.

Bigger Isn’t Better – With all our data factors enabled, we targeted only a small percent of the total potential audience, yet that slice generated 12.3% of total dealer population revenue.

There is a Sweet Spot Here’s four principles to help you find it:

  1. ID the specific, relevant variables. In our case this included: auto ownership, income, vehicle age and radius to the dealership.
  2. Increase the target group size.
  3. Optimize your spend. Dealers who did saw 50% better ROI than those who didn’t.
  4. Avoid overspending, as it destroys ROI.

The Takeaways
When all the data has been examined and the details laid out, there are some critical takeaways that can be applied across channels and verticals. First, let us say that AcquireWeb fully recognizes that non-email marketing executions were active during the campaign period and that many, if not most, delivered messaging in a mass capacity focused on specific geographies and a broader demographic base.

While this case study clearly shows a significant ROI for the email channel (when the right audiences were targeted) no single channel is a ‘silver bullet.’

The most effective marketing campaigns employ a multi-channel, multi-device strategy. It’s no secret that consumers (customers and prospects) engage with brands in a variety of ways at different times. A frequency-driven strategy using an appropriate mix of channels provides brands and marketers with the best opportunity to drive conversion. When executed appropriately, email as a channel can provide a true one-to-one engagement with the right audiences with tracking abilities that other channels simply can’t touch.

When the ROI is taken into account, a strong case can be made for email marketing as an effective and lucrative channel. When layered with other social and display platforms to the same target audiences, brands can set up a multi-touch strategy that could significantly increase the rate of conversion and overall net revenue.

Don’t feel like looking back at previous posts? Download the case study now!

How effective do you think email can be as a marketing channel? What results have you seen with email marketing campaigns you’ve been involved in designing or executing? What questions do you have about email marketing?

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