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It’s no secret that one of the most critical objectives a marketer has, regardless of business vertical, is building long term customer relationships and instilling brand loyalty. One specific industry where this may be more critical than any other industry is in the automotive category. As an automotive marketer, it may shock you to hear that between 40% and 80% of your revenue is generated by customers who choose to remain anonymous and therefore are considered by us, your AnonymousCRM segments.

In recent weeks we’ve introduced this concept of the AnonymousCRM. These are audience segments who in some capacity, have shown intent to engage with your brand, but have chosen to remain anonymous. This intent can come in many forms including visiting your website, walking into and purchasing inside your brick and mortar store, abandoned an online shopping cart or simply walked your car lot to browse.

For over 16 years, AcquireWeb has specialized in helping automotive manufacturers and dealerships identify and build brand loyalty among their various AnonymousCRM segments. Whether it’s researching a new car or getting ready to have their cars serviced, these audiences are showing intent daily and are simply looking for dealerships and automotive manufacturers to help them take that final step of conversion. Without identifying and understanding who these audiences are, automotive marketers are using ineffective, mass-reaching media channels in hopes of getting a message in front of these segments.

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