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The importance of taking a multi-channel marketing approach in the automotive vertical has been well documented. In fact, most would consider it one of the basics in the automotive marketing handbook. Where we still see some struggle with this, is in the digital ecosystem. It’s not a matter of automotive marketers not understanding it’s importance, it’s simply an issue of where and how to begin.

If you’re an automotive marketer and you resonate with this, don’t stress about it, you’re in the same boat with the vast majority of others in your vertical. The digital landscape is unlike any other due to the constant shifting of consumer touchpoint preferences from both a channel and device perspective. This makes it extremely difficult for marketers to stay in front of. The second you feel like you have a handle on where, when and how your consumers engage, they change their preferences. Historically this means you end up spending marketing dollars against tactics that don’t result in you engaging when and where it means the most to the audiences that matter. Sound familiar?

The solution to this challenge is two-fold, it requires:

  1. A deep understanding of the audience segments you’re focused on reaching, including enhanced linkage to the preferred devices they engage with.
  2. A robust strategic optimization plan built into campaign execution.

Through our AcquireOmni solution, we’ve been helping automotive marketers with these challenges for over 16-years. We’re able to help identify and build the profiles for the audience segments that are most important for our automotive clients complete with the linkage to the devices and channels they prefer to engage with. Campaign execution against these audiences through email, social and display channels is at the heart of AcquireOmni with a comprehensive optimization strategy in place to ensure adjustments are made in real time, if and when audiences shift their engagement habits.

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