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The continued focus on emerging graph technology is changing the landscape for the automotive vertical. As a marketer in this space, if you’re not working with a firm whose foundation for their solutions are based in graph technology, you’re missing the boat.

Regardless of whether you’re a manufacturer, agency with automotive clients or a single dealership, everything starts and ends with identifying the right audiences and building the bridge to engage with them across the right digital channels. That said, this is not a digital vs traditional media debate, it’s simply about making sure you know who it is you’re trying to reach. Unless the inefficient and ineffective “spray-and-pray” approach is your preference (and if it is, candidly, there’s not much we can do for you), then graph technology should not only be something you learn about, but something you embrace.

Graph technology connects the dots on audience segments, allowing you to build detailed profiles of audience segments in a compliant and privacy-protected way. It enables brands to fully understand an abundance of attributes that define key consumer segments and what influences their purchase decisions. The best graph technologies are the ones that also build the linkage between these segments, and the devices and digital channels they choose to engage with. The days of forcing yourself to be relevant are gone, the consumer now has the control. They decide when the car or service you’re offering is relevant, you just need to make sure you’re in front of them when they’re ready, and your message resonates with them based on a full understanding of what makes them tick.

AcquireGraph is not the only graph technology that exists, but it is the graph technology powered by the most automotive data in the industry and one of the few that have the ability to build the right audience segments AND link them to their preferred channels and devices. With over 16-years of automotive experience, we understand the challenges faced by marketers in this vertical better than anyone. More importantly, we help marketers overcome them.

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