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Few verticals are as competitive as the auto dealership landscape. Whether it’s driving new or used auto sales or looking to increase service tickets, it’s more important than ever that dealerships understand what drives prospect & CRM audiences to convert.

The lowest hanging fruit being the audiences who are currently visiting your website. Rarely is there a better indicator of intent, then taking the time to visit your website with the objective of researching your dealership. AcquireInsight enables our automotive clients the ability to identify anonymous website visitors, then through power of our AcquireGraph, resolve those visitors to better understand who they are and what drives them to convert. Are they current customers or are they prospects? What kinds of cars are they driving today and when was the last time they were in for service?

Applying specific filters to these audiences to truly understand their demographic and psychographic attributes is the first step, but equally as important is understanding how and where they engage across digital channels and devices. This enables you the ability to engage not only with the right audiences, but in the right place at the right time.

In a recent case study, we show the power of the AcquireInsight technology for a series of auto dealers that drove a significant ROI using email.

Video: Automotive Case Study

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