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A solution is only as valuable as the results it generates. The importance of discovering anonymous website traffic and re-targeting is not a ground-breaking discovery. The focus needs to center around the ways in which we address it and turn it from a challenge to a seamless tool for actionable strategies.  For the purpose of this discussion, let’s take it back to the basics of business, the idea of efficiencies gained by growing your current customer’s vs bringing in new ones.

These anonymous audiences have already taken that first sought after step, they’ve chosen to engage with you by going to your website.  For any number of reasons, they didn’t move through to purchase or self-identify themselves. While many could view this as a problem, we look at it as an opportunity. They’ve essentially told you they’re interested in what you offer by taking the first step of going to your site and now just need that additional nudge. In your defense, given the anonymous nature of these audiences, you most likely weren’t aware that these audiences existed, so offering that nudge would have been impossible. You’re definitely not alone, most websites have roughly 80-90% of overall traffic remaining anonymous. That’s an eye-opening statistic when you think that this is an audience of low-hanging fruit that have already chosen to engage with your brand. The beauty is that we’ve developed the technology to help you identify who this audience is and re-target the ideal segments through our AcquireInsight solution.

Reverting back to our opening sentence, it’s all about results. While the specific example below is focused around the success our AcquireInsight solution provided for a customer in the automotive industry, our solution operates in any category within the B2C and B2B verticals with seamless scalability.

Car dealership had virtually no intelligence on web traffic and was unable to cross-channel target anonymous website visits or measure ROI on their digital marketing campaigns.

Solution & Method.
AcquireInsight was implemented to help dealerships across the U.S. better identify, filter and re-target anonymous website traffic across multiple channels and structure a true ROI methodology on an ongoing basis.

The AcquireInsight solution, through the placement of a tag on the car dealerships website, was able to identify anonymous traffic to a zip9 level. Consumer data was pulled representing the micro-neighborhoods from the web-traffic and targeted campaigns were deployed using a combination of email and Facebook executions. In the case of email, an anonymous visitor received the first email within 24 hours from visiting the site and a second email 7-days later. A third email was delivered 2-weeks after that.

POS data from all dealerships were submitted for the time period around the campaign and a match-back analysis was performed to determine of the individuals marketed to, who made purchases of new vehicles or service.

Overall services and car sales spiked. Average cost to acquire was $205 and a substantial increase in service was seen within a population of individuals that made a purchase but had not previously transacted with the store. The sample match-back report proves concept of targeted digital marketing to actual lift in sales.

The partnership continues to flourish. Currently this program is serving over 350+ dealerships and on pace to exceed 1000 stores this year. The average contract continuation after first contact terms is 80%+.

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The power of AcquireInsight coupled with AcquireAudience, filtered out the right audience making it possible to re-target marketing and execute a full campaign with AcquireLocal, all powered by our Customer Identity Integration Technologies.

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