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Organic growth can be one of the most efficient ways to achieve revenue objective, yet so many organizations shelf marketing strategies targeting their current customers because they believe focusing on the prospect universe is the only profitable option. In doing so, they’re alienating segments who’ve already invested in their products or services and unless their experience was terrible, are most likely interested in purchasing more from them. Whether it’s purchasing the same product or service, or expanding into other offerings that a company provides, the barriers for conversion are significantly less which results in an extremely efficient use of your marketing dollars.

Driving revenue from prospect audiences can be expensive, especially if you’re introducing your brand to them for the first time. It takes multiple messages across various channels to entice them to simply become interested. Once they become interested, converting them is still a real challenge. Growing your consumer footprint should always be part of your ongoing strategies, but it must run parallel to maintaining and growing conversions among your CRM customers. Remember one of the basic rules of business, it’s much easier to retain a customer than it is to find, engage and convert a new prospect.

The digital space is arguably one of the most effective ways to engage with your CRM segments. You know more about them, you know which products or services they’ve purchased and the majority have most likely opted in to receive information from you.

AcquireInsight can help identify who among your anonymous website traffic are current customers vs prospect audiences and provide insights on where they’re spending time on your website. This allows you to more intelligently engage with them based on what the insights confirm they’re most interested in.

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