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Recently we introduced the term “Anonymous CRM”. For those who missed that blog (How’s Your CRM Engagement?), we invite you visit it to understand how we’re using this in the context of unknown customers. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with a lot of automotive clients over the years and were recently approached by one who saw our video case study where we were able to deliver an ROI of $33 for every $1 spent across email and social channels. This campaign was built around building the right prospect audiences based on geographical priorities as well as a combination of new car and service ticket sales objectives.

The auto dealership that approached us with interest in this campaign, was drawn in by the ROI achievements and wanted to replicate the campaign parameters we developed. What they weren’t expecting was the introduction to the “Anonymous CRM” concept we immediately addressed. While the case study on the surface paints a great picture for prospect audience discovery and engagement, one of the critical elements of that specific campaign was the parallel efforts targeting the segments of anonymous CRM customers those dealerships had access to.

Across all 225 dealerships, we helped connect the dots and understand the various audiences of both known and anonymous customers the dealerships had information on, and began to segment them into groups based on purchase history, demographic and psychographic insights. It was essential that the dealerships first made sure they were engaging with audiences who at some point, had already engaged with them. Whether it was visiting their website, signing up for a newsletter, purchased a car or simply got an oil change at some point over the last 2 years, there were multiple triggers of intent. They’ve already taken the the step of building a relationship with the dealership and to spend the time and effort to drive business from audiences who have never taken that step solely, wasn’t an effective or efficient route to go. Understanding these segments and flagging the ones who were the ideal segments to target, made developing the profiles for prospect campaigns significantly more accurate.

Using the models created through resolving and engaging with anonymous CRM audiences, will provide you the ability to drive incremental revenue from prospect audience campaigns more effective and efficient.

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