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Without question, one of the most efficient strategies to drive sales is through organic growth. Unless their experience was terrible, targeting past and current customers with marketing campaigns can be extremely effective and cost significantly less that targeting prospects only.

These audiences are already aware of you and at some point they’ve invested in your product or service. Whether it’s offering them a similar product/service or informing them of a new offering that’s more in-line with their current needs, these individuals are more likely to convert if your messages are appealing enough and delivered at the right time and place. Where we see marketers struggle with this type of initiative, is when they’ve lost track of customers. This is mainly due to not updating their CRM with the current and relevant information that would enable them to engage. Marketers in this position typically give up and focus efforts on the customers they do have information for as well as prospect audiences.

With graph technology where it is today, marketers no longer need to push these lost customers aside. With limited or old information, technology like AcquireGraph can connect the dots and link outdated customer information with the current data required to re-engage with these audiences. Equally as important, AcquireGraph can link the current insights to these past customers so marketers are able to understand the attributes they possess, which drives their purchase decisions.

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