In Anonymous CRM, AudienceCreation

Wait…what?? How are “Prospect Audiences” considered CRM? That’s a great question and clearly the audience in our Anonymous CRM bucket that needs the most explanation. The answer comes in how we define true prospect audiences.

These are the segments of consumers who are not actively engaging with you but are aware of your brand AND possess the key attributes that fit your ideal customer profiles. Based on their demographic and psychographic make up, are perfect for the product or service you offer. They’re geographically focused in your key footprints and the only thing stopping them from converting with you is a lack of personal engagement by you. Not general, mass reaching engagement…. targeted and personal engagement in the right channels, on the right devices when it matters most to them.

Because these segments have had the critical layers of filtering that helped define them in the context of your ideal customer, they check all the boxes for us to consider them Anonymous CRM segments. Building these segments and making them actionable is where AcquireWeb specializes through our AudienceCreation technology.

Video: 225 Auto Dealers See Record Growth Through AudienceCreation Technology

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