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This week, our Anonymous CRM blog focuses on a segment of consumers we spend a lot of time discussing, the anonymous website visitor. These are the segments we spend most of our time connecting our clients with. Most marketers are shocked when they find out that 95% of their web traffic is anonymous. Yes, these are the visitors who sniff around your site but never sign up to receive more information or purchase anything, at least online. The fact remains however, these audiences have shown some level of intent and therefore fit our requirements for being defined as an Anonymous CRM audience.

As a marketer, it’s no secret that the lowest hanging fruit for potential customers are those who have shown some form of intent to engage with their brand. Typically, that’s through visiting a brand’s website. Too often we see marketers focusing most of their efforts targeting prospect audiences, most of which have never shown any intent to engage. It’s important to note, we’re not suggesting you don’t target these groups, we’re suggesting you first start with all the audiences who have at least taken a step to engage with you. The audiences where the chances of conversion are much greater, your anonymous website traffic.

AcquireInsight is built to help resolve and transparently engage you with these consumers. By being able to understand who these audiences are and what they’re interested in, you’re creating an opportunity to make your brand more relevant to them through targeted messaging across the right digital channels, at the right time and on the right devices.

Video: Learn more about how AcquireInsight can help engage you with a segment of consumers who are ready to convert.

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