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This week’s blog will focus on another segment of consumers who make up a significant portion of your Anonymous CRM…audiences who visit your brick and mortar locations and simply browse. You may be thinking to yourself, how could these audiences be considered “CRM”. They haven’t purchased nor have they signed up to receive information from the company. While this may be true, they do possess one of the critical attributes that we look for when defining Anonymous CRM segments. They’ve shown intent.

Whether they’re conducting research for themselves, doing so for a family member or a friend, or simply just staying occupied, these audiences have taken the time to actively engage with you by stepping inside your store. When building audience segments to target with your marketing campaigns, this behavior would indicate a certain level of intent.

Similar to the previous audience we addressed in our last blog (Customers Who Shop Brick & Mortar and Purchase), marketers historically use mass-reaching media outlets and in-store promotions to reach, and hopefully drive conversion among these audiences. While In-store is more targeted, the mass media approach can be ineffective and certainly less efficient given the costs associated with it.

Using graph technology, AcquireWeb can take the most critical attributes that define your best customers and identify the Anonymous CRM audiences that matter most, regardless of whether they’ve identified themselves to you or not. Through our linkage capabilities, we’re able to make these segments actionable allowing you to engage with them across email, social and display channels at the right time, and on the right device.

To learn more about how AcquireWeb can help you engage with each of your Anonymous CRM audiences, click here.

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