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The need for transparency in the advertising and telecommunications industry has never been greater, especially through the process of identifying and resolving anonymous website traffic. The emergence of technology that can help a marketer understand and engage with the over 95% of a websites anonymous traffic is what excites all of us, as it should.  After all, these are people who’ve taken a step to engage in a brand and therefore are most likely the easiest to convert.  While the opportunity to convert these anonymous visitors is a major focus for brands, adhering to consumer privacy standards while doing so is more crucial now than ever. There is a continuing spotlight on the industry processes around resolving consumer identity and people are concerned about how data that they consider personal and private, might be used by advertisers to market to them.

Minimizing the risks for brands starts and ends with following some critical processes and securing the right partnership with a firm who not just adheres to compliance standards, but makes it the core of what they do.

Choosing a partner based on these principles is the critical step for any marketer:

  • Select a partner who will not look at consumers activities across the internet and will work directly with you to help you understand your first party data.
  • Select a partner who will provide complete audience transparency for CRM audiences from creation through execution to attribution.
  • Select a partner who will NOT capture form filled data or key strokes.
  • Select a partner who will NOT capture any personally submitted consumer first party information on you or your clients site.
  • Select a partner who will only disclose information captured to the first party client.  It will NOT be resold to anyone.
  • Select a partner who will NOT wire-tap anything.
  • Select a partner whose solution concentration is and has always been on micro-geo.
  • Select a partner who utilizes a Zip9 IP approach which aligns with State & Federal regulated data standards.
  • Select a partner whose foundation starts and ends with consumer privacy and a clear focus on how to maintain the highest standards in the industry.

The marketplace is cluttered with firms who will tell you they check all these boxes.  What you’ll actually find, is that there are very few, and the wrong choice could damage your brand and catapult you into litigation before you know it.

Following the principles outlined above will allow you to engage the right consumer when and where they choose, and do so by utilizing the data and insights in which that consumer consents can be used.



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