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Recently we’ve spent a lot of time discussing the benefits our AcquireInsight technology can yield to brands focused on reaching consumer audiences. AcquireInsight can be equally as valuable to brands who have business audiences as the key segments they’re trying to reach.

In much the same way as we resolve to consumers, our technology can work to identify and resolve the businesses visiting your website anonymously. This can be a powerful tool for any businesses in the B2B space looking to reach interested business prospects. One of the largest segments that have benefited from AcquireInsight has been the advertising agency vertical. While the agency model is built on serving the needs of their various B2C or B2B clients, agencies themselves have a robust marketing strategy of their own. Whether it’s brand strategy development, creative services, media buying, digital strategy & execution or public relations, agencies are focused on increasing their client rosters equally as much as the brands they serve.

In a recent campaign we did for a mid-size, full-service ad agency, we utilized our AcquireInsight technology for this very purpose. We captured and resolved the businesses visiting the agencies site each week. Based on identifying the geographic and job title/function priorities for the agency, we identified the right individuals within the businesses that visited the website and pulled these audiences into actionable segments ready to execute campaigns against. It was determined that the appropriate channel mix with which to target these audiences consisted of email, LinkedIn and direct phone calls. Through an automated weekly process, campaigns were deployed through email and LinkedIn, targeting only those key individuals within the businesses that visited the agencies website.

Whether you’re an agency looking to provide key B2C or B2B insights from your clients websites or you’re looking to engage with your own websites anonymous traffic, AcquireInsight can provide you the opportunity to work smarter, not harder.

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