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AcquireWeb gives marketers the insight, connected audience universe and execution tools to communicate with your best customers and prospects where they are today and tomorrow.

Through email, display, social and postal integrations targeting your ideal audiences, we can provide you the data you need to connect, the tools that allow you to execute across digital channels or fully support your efforts, all with the accuracy and scale you cannot find in other solution providers.

Our CIIT solution not only ensures audiences are being reach but more importantly, the RIGHT audiences are being reached. The center of our Customer Identity Integration Technology (CIIT) engine is our own controlled and managed proprietary 190MM+ IP addresses attached to a zip+4 with foundation in 1st party interactions providing us the ability to connect with over 90% of the U.S. geography. Our IP solution works in tandem with 350MM+ emails tied to a physical address and thousands of consumer/business attribute data points. Through the marrying of these tools with our clients’ offline data, we work to resolve, identify and connect ideal customers and prospects across email, social, and display.

Video: AcquireWeb & CIIT

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