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The need for transparency in the advertising industry has never been greater. Consumers are concerned about how data they consider personal and private might be used by advertisers to market products to them; ad agencies and marketers are concerned about ad fraud. As an audience insights and digital linkage partner that connects brands across multiple digital channels with their ideal current and prospect audiences, AcquireWeb is concerned about those issues too. In today’s post our President and CEO, Albert Gadbut, talks candidly about the importance of transparency in our industry.

Q: “What sets AcquireWeb apart when it comes to transparency?”

Al: “This is one of the key differentiators for AcquireWeb in the marketplace. Through audience creation to execution to attribution, we are the only company that provides complete audience transparency regardless of whether certain segments exist in a previous CRM or are prospect audience builds. Competitors in the marketplace may provide CRM transparency but they do not provide this for non-CRM. Not only does this make us unique, but it’s a demand in the marketplace that nobody offers except us.”

Q: What’s the difference between CRM and non-CRM transparency? Why does it matter?

Al: “Your CRM group are the people in the online world who have opted in to your marketing message. They are your advocates, cheerleaders and highest value customers. Even if they aren’t your highest dollar value customers, you need to cheer them on to continue to advocate on your behalf. The vast majority of any enterprise’s customers are not their advocates.

I have a box of cake mix in my pantry. Do I want to have an ongoing conversation with Pillsbury? No, but there are people who do. I don’t want to be on their CRM list. I am open to receiving an offer from time to time from them. That is okay and that is the difference between CRM and non-CRM customers.

The distinction matters because when you are talking about spending marketing dollars, you have to evaluate first, which group you are marketing to and second, what the most effective way is to reach that group. Once you start your campaign to those groups, you must have a way to trace your marketing spend back to actual sales. If all you have is a name and email address, how can you do that? It’s very difficult. Especially when you sell through a distributor network.”

Q: How can brands see better success with their marketing efforts? How can they trace the money they spend on digital advertising back to actual sales?

A: “On average, 80-85% of your customers are not your brand advocates. The vast majority have not asked to have to have a conversation with you. It hasn’t changed the fact that most companies have taken their customer lists and done an email campaign and then determine these people are their advocates when in actuality, they aren’t. To roll them into an ongoing marketing campaign, once a week, when people don’t want it, is negative. The challenge is in the transparency and moving across channels and understand where your dollars are spent.

You can go to a number of companies to get an email list and do a campaign but no one will share names and addresses. You can buy digital marketing to them, but brands need to ask their digital partners who was linked to and whether or not they synced those names to your buying platform. If they won’t tell you, how are you supposed to know if what you are doing is working and how can you tweak your campaigns in a profitable way?

The big difference for AcquireWeb is that we are huge believers in transparency. We will generate an audience online for a client and stand behind it from creation to execution to deterministic attribution. We can tell you who clicked but more importantly, we can tell you who purchased your products or services. Otherwise, you are operating by broadcast mode in a digital world, which doesn’t make sense.”

Next week, we’ll feature another excerpt of our interview with Al, where he discusses how agencies and brands wanting to see more revenue from their digital marketing efforts can execute profitable campaigns with integrity and specifically, in a way that doesn’t violate customers’ concerns about privacy.

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