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Last week we caught up with AcquireWeb President and CEO Albert Gadbut to discuss the need for transparency in the digital advertising industry and how AcquireWeb is meeting that need with a platform and executions that can trace sales directly back to targeted audiences on an individual level. Today, we share Al’s thoughts on how agencies and brands can execute profitable campaigns in a way that doesn’t violate customers’ concerns about privacy.

Q: How can data partners respond to consumers’ concerns about privacy and advertisers’ concerns about transparency with marketing results?

Al: “You have to protect the customer, which is most important. The next part of it is to be able to work with someone who can identify intent for individuals or groups to be in market for any certain brand. I understand the consumer desire to be wary of loss of privacy and at the same time, marketers don’t want to buy irrelevant attributes. Only those attributes connected to people who are most likely to buy your goods and services matter. Reaching the right audience with the most relevant information is what we strive for. Advertisers should work with data partners who will work with them on a consultative basis to determine who their best customers are for their clients. They should run a model of your best customers and look across 10,000 attributes to create a segment; see what pops and then go out and find others who aren’t your advocates.

Advertisers and businesses deserve a partner who will create an audience and stand behind it from beginning to end. At AcquireWeb, we can look at your web traffic and determine who is coming anonymously and generate the right audience segment from those who visited to retarget.  Then we make that audience actionable across multiple channels in an integrated way where you are reaching those people across channels and can see the results of your marketing efforts in sales of your products and services. What I hear from most marketers is that there is no transparency in the space. The tools they have to work with leave them with really broad measurements as to whether things are working or not. We don’t believe that’s effective enough.”

Q: Could anything that AcquireWeb does be misconstrued as ‘big brother’ watching over me by consumers?

Al: “Consumers are afraid to go online. It can be scary to think about how brands and marketers are finding out who comes to their sites anonymously. But the real potential for big brother isn’t AcquireWeb; it’s your ISP (internet service provider). The current administration just allowed ISPs to look at every site you go to and sell that information. To me that’s big brother. That’s scary. When you signed a contract with an ISP they agreed to provide a service but not sell what your interests and proclivities might be. AcquireWeb can’t see that information. We can only see what you show us and we only want to see what you make public.”

In our next segment, we’ll ask Al to explain why most sales are generated from non-engaged customers and why they are ideally suited for marketing efforts when it comes to digital content.

What are your privacy concerns? Are you worried about how your ISP might choose to use your personal browsing data? Do you think advertisers and brands know more than they should about you? Do you think increased knowledge of consumer behavior just leads to better, more relevant ads?

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