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AcquireLocal is our proprietary campaign execution platform for Email, Social & Display giving advertisers the ability to execute in full self-service mode or simple visibility into fully managed campaign execution. AcquireLocal is driven by the actionable data delivered using our Customer Identity Integration Technology and AcquireAudience platform.

AcquireEmail starts with our foundation of a database of 290MM+ Emails tied to a physical address coupled with an active database of over 85MM unique opt-ins, updated daily, weekly and monthly using proprietary quality filters and rigorous compilation methodologies leveraged to enhance accuracy.

AcquireSocial executes against the optimal combination of social’s one to one relationship with the engaged consumer and the proven insight derived from your own or industry leading behavioral data. AcquireWeb has the ability to take almost any existing data element linking attributes to a consumer and processing them to be available to link to the same audiences in social media.

AcquireDisplay offers a turnkey solution to onboard offline marketing data to over 350 million unique devices, synchronizing with other channel message delivery and execute in a self-service or full-service interface. Our simple process & interface connected to the best industry audience buying platforms gives you the power to identify the right audience, cost effectively deliver your message without huge monetary commitments and coordinate with other channels.

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